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Sauer & Sohn Accessories

Find the perfect match for your SAUER rifle: Our wide offer of gun accessories ranges from innovative SAUER Ergo Rest rifle slings and the SAUER 404’s specially optimized Carbon bipod to the SAUER rifle case and professional cleaning tools for your SAUER firearm.

Hunting Belt orange
SAUER hunting belt - the alternative to a backpack. Everything near-by, quickly at hand. Who hasn't experienced it: There's not enough room in your pant and jacket pockets for everything you need for a raised hide, stalk or driven hunt, but a backpack is not an alternative because it takes up too much space on a narrow raised hide. The new Sauer hunting belt provides the solution. Adjustable in length up to 130 cm, its 3 spacious pockets provide enough space for everything you need to take with you on a hunt. In the two smaller outer pockets (WxHxD:10x15x8cm) there is enough room for large spare magazines, flashlights, pocket knives and all sorts of small items such as disposable gloves, spare batteries, etc. The large main pocket with the spacious interior dimensions of 20x15 cm is the perfect storage space for other utensils, such as a thermal imaging device, which must be quickly retrieved and stowed again. All three pockets are waterproof and can be opened and closed silently with a robust zipper. The belt can be adjusted in length in a snap and can be closed or opened with the plastic buckle with a click. Accents are set by the discreet SAUER logos on the pockets and make the hunting belt an absolute eye-catcher. Thanks to its brown color, the hunting belt is not only a useful and comfortable companion on the hunt, but also performs great services on hikes and excursions. From the camera to the snack, everything finds its place in the spacious and robust pockets and is within reach in no time. And the highlight: The three bags can be removed from the belt and attached to another belt or backpack.